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Dennis Smuda

web developer based in germany 🇩🇪 making 👨🏻‍💻 things and writing ✏️ about stuff. feel free to get in touch 📫 , or get to know me 👋 first.

latest work 🏁

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Play Match City in your browser 🟥

game written in typescript

casual 🚽 game to play in short bursts! try to beat my highscore (22000+) by matching tiles!

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Practice music with BackyTracky 🎹

remix-run fullstack react application

something to help you practice solos, scales and licks. create your own tracks, or jam to other peoples backing tracks!

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I put a game on itch 🎮

generic roguelike shooter to play in your browser

see how many waves you can survive... check it out, and let me know how it went.

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A website for a drone pilot 🚁

static next.js + tailwind website

Lukas is a buddy of mine and makes awesome drone videos! I built a small website that let's him showcase his work.